Scott Adkins Workout

Lean Mass, MMA workout¬†the very embodiment of a Scott Adkins workout. Scott has large but well defined physique, truly the result of extreme discipline and dedication. Scott’s cardio conditioning mainly comes from his dedicated martial arts endeavors. As you know Scott began training at the age of 14 in Tae Kwon Do and has since been trained in styles such as Judo, Wushu and Jujutsu. As of now, he is a kickboxing instructor for the Professional Karate Association (PKA), in which he holds a black belt. It’s no wonder he looks the way he does and is able to perform at such an intence level. For the purpose of this site, I am going to put aside the martial arts training, there are many ways to get in a modest amount of cardio, and focus strickly on the weight training and diet involved to achieve the Scott Adkins look of power and lean mass.

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Scott Adkins workout


The most effective way to add muscle and grow in size is by either consistently adding weight to the bar lifting heavier
weights and/or completing more reps. The number of exercises, sets, rep ranges, etc. you use is should be secondary to progressing with the loads you lift. Now we know it is impossible to add weight to the bar every workout. We must adjust their workouts in order to keep progressing. You must break your workout up into phases called periodization. One phase will focus on increasing the frequency of your workout while the next phase will focus on increasing the volume of your routine. Each phase will stimulate your muscular system differently and promote growth.


No matter the variable you are focusing on during a given training phase, your primary focus should be progressing each and every workout. If you benched 200 for 8 reps for your last workout, you want to beat that next time with more reps or more weight. There are three main variables, volume, intensity, and frequency, each can be altered in order to change the type of growth stimuli you get from the workout. These variables are volume, intensity, and frequency.

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Scott Adkins MMA Workout


  • Volume = sets * reps The more sets and reps the greater the volume of a given workout.
  • Intensity = percentage of your one rep max, your max bench is 300 then lifting 275 is more intense than 235. This is a greater percentage of your 1-RM.
  • Frequency = number of times you work a muscle in a given time span, once a week or bi-weekly.


These variables must be balanced in order to keep you progressing. The density of your training also comes into play. The density of a workout is the sets * reps * load. You must strive to increase the density of each workout by increasing the load lifted, this is to be done for every phase of training. We are going to explore the three workout training phases used by Scott Adkins. This will coincide with the three very important variables that we will apply to the workouts. Lastly the diet involved achieving the look and power of Scott Adkins will be laid out in detail.  Dedication is needed; you will set achievable goals and surpass them.

Lets move on to the workout routine